😬 Life is meant to be enjoyed; meant to be a gift; meant to be a blessing.


😅 YOU are amazing. YOU are here to evolve; be your best self; awaken; BE YOU.


🥴 YOU are a mom who wants to help your children be their best and thrive.


These are things we have been told, things we know, things we want, and yet they feel out of reach and impossible.

Many of us have felt the need to find another way to live our lives only to find ourselves in another bout of overwhelm thinking of so many changes that need to happen, then confusion sets in, not knowing where to start...next thing you know we throw in the towel and life as usual just keeps happening.

Have you ever wondered how you can make these "yearnings of the heart" a reality you experience day-to-day? Perhaps you've felt like there is a missing ingredient that if you could just figure out what it was it would help you create this kind of life experience you yearn to have?

If only there was a how-to guide to help you with the challenges or a roadmap you could follow that not only helped you enjoy motherhood, but also taught you skills to raise self-aware, self-motivated, and self-empowered children...

Welcome To The Be Meaningful® Journey

This card deck + course offers you a how-to guide, a roadmap to follow, and the support to implement all you will learn. This course provides the missing ingredient!

There IS another way to experience life and motherhood, be the mom you want to be, and teach you and your children how to thrive in today's world... all done one Meaningful to-do at a time.

Relax, take a breath and let me teach you how.

The missing ingredient - that something we’ve all been yearning for: Presence + Love

Those two words aren't just words. They are actually ingredients missing in our everyday lives, and they are two of the most powerful ingredients needed to make lasting changes in your life. They are what bring back the ease, grace and simplicity in life. Those ingredients nourish the soul delivering nutrients to your dreams, wants and wishes so they can come true. Just like nutrients in healthy foods nourish our bodies to keep them energized and flourishing, Presence + Love infused into your everyday to-do's brings forth the life you have been craving and JOY returns!

You see, when we are undernourished, deficient in those two ingredients, we disconnect from who we are, do too much, become lost in the world and end up not loving our lives.

You're In The Right Place If:

You know there has to be another way to experience your life and motherhood, but you need some help to create it.

You want motherhood to be more fulfilling, peaceful and joyful, instead of depleting, stressful and overwhelming.

You don't want a "new normal" per se, you want something else.

You are tired of managing your child's behavior and schedule, and instead want to spend time getting to know who they are and finding fun ways to hang out together where you are actually enjoying each other, laughing and learning together.

You want to be able to teach your children essential life skills, healthy habits, how to manage their emotions peacefully, how to get their needs met with ease and grace, yet don't know how to fit that all in with your already packed to-do list.

Mostly, you just want to be the best mom you can be with fewer distractions and worry, and more love and presence.


Does this sound like you? If so, I get it...because that was me!

I was floundering. I didn't know how to be the mom I wanted to be and love the journey of motherhood too.

Then, I found a way.

I changed my whole experience through simple shifts in thinking and looking within myself for the answers I was seeking.

I discovered that learning to live in the present and having a healthy relationship with myself was what I needed to be able to create a life I loved and help my children do the same. What I learned is what I needed and what they needed were the same!

And now, I'm here to help you do the same in this online course.

About Me

Hello! My name is Kristi and I work to empower moms with awareness tools + life skills to reconnect to who YOU truly are so you can experience your goodness, rediscover your strength, and create a life YOU love... and do the same with your children.

I have always been seeking to figure out who I am and how can I love my life, not just go through the motions of life. One day out of sheer mental exhaustion I simply asked, "Grace me with another way, mine is not working."

I received two words, BE MEANINGFUL®.

Not knowing exactly what to do with those words I started to apply them to my everyday to-do's. I asked myself, "How can I have all I do Be Meaningful®?" 

Applying these two words had each to-do become an expression of my heart... an experience of love, peace, and joy. I started to live in the present!

Be Meaningful® = Presence + Love

I now help moms use those two words,

BE MEANINGFUL®, in their everyday lives so they too can love their lives and motherhood!

The Program Curriculum

This course consists of 5 Modules:

The modules are set up to take you through the different stages of presence and states of awareness that are listed in the curriculum, as well as, they are organized into 5 needs that all human beings require to thrive: Module 0: The beginning is setting up this journey; Module 1: Physical well-being; Module 2: Emotional well-being; Module 3: Spiritual well-being; Module 4: Mental well-being.

This course is a self-paced, do what works for YOU kind of course. There are no deadlines to keep up with. 😊

Each module has several lessons which are the Meaningful To-do's which resemble recipe cards, except instead of recipes for healthy food, they are recipes for healthy living and thriving... providing nourishment for the soul to grow.

Each lesson consists of a) The Meaningful To-do; b) Meaningful To-do Wisdom Map that gives you bite size pieces of the wisdom that went into the recipe; c) Notes & Musings page to write notes/insights; and d) Personal video from me that gives you ways to enjoy the meaningful to-do in a variety of ways, and how it can bring out the best in YOU, and return JOY back into your everyday life.

The best part is...

You can use these with your children so you both are learning and growing together and creating lives you love. In essence, I am teaching you and then you are empowered and equipped to teach your children the same things in your own kind of meaningful ways. These recipes offer you a beautiful way to teach your children life skills and enjoy being a mom at the same time.💕

I invite you to take a look at each lesson's title and ask yourself if you would love to experience what it says? Then, ask yourself if this is something you want your children to experience too? I think you'll say "ABSOLUTELY YES!"


In addition to the evergreen course content, there are two live Zoom calls each month you are welcome to attend to share your journey and for Q & A. Most calls will happen on the 2nd (am call) and 3rd Tuesdays (pm call) of each month. If you can't make it live, recordings will be posted here in the course.

  Module 0.0: The Beginning
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Basket: Getting Present + Accepting
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Bike: Staying Present + Allowing
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Chain: Being Present + Aligning
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Gears: Living In The Present + Abundance
Available in days
days after you enroll

What You Can Expect

This journey is both powerful and peaceful. It's a journey teaching you a way to bring forth what is within by using two words, Be Meaningful®, in your everyday life. This will reveal who YOU truly are, restore your "original shine," and return you to joyful living!

This is the #1 key to raising joyful, peaceful, thriving children... be a joyful, peaceful thriving mom. Nothing else is needed.

Our children mirror our ways of being, thinking and experiencing life... so when you are living your best life you are teaching your children how to do the same.

~This journey is living as a joyful expression of your heart's desires and thriving no matter what life brings your way.~


💖 You can expect to be challenged 💖

This journey challenges your thinking as it is our thoughts that create what we experience. Through video trainings and emboldening prompts I will challenge you to step beyond what you think is impossible so you discover the true meaning of that word is actually meant to say...

"I'm Possible."

Isn't that what you want your children to do too?

💖 You can expect to be held 💖

Like a mother bird teaching her chicks to fly, I will both push you out of the nest, and catch you when your wings are not yet ready to fly. This journey is not linear; there will be uncertainty, and ups and downs, but, you'll be supported and encouraged along the way, and you will learn how to do this for your children too when they are uncertain and floundering.

💖 You can expect to be held accountable 💖

I'm sharing the tools, but only you hold the power to use them. I trust you to take full responsibility for yourself, your energy, your needs, and your journey so you can not only get the most out of this course and it's teachings, but also come to know "you had the power all along."

This is ultimately what we all want for our children too, Yes?

Begin Your Journey

If you are ready to experience life + motherhood as a blessing once again, to experience life as the playground it truly is, and to use your strengths to be a gift to your children, I would love to invite you in!